Session 8 – Introducing The One Who Knows

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There is an innate intelligence which governs the human body. Lisa coined the term, The One Who Knows, many physicians consider it to be the healing response. Few would argue that it exists.

Each of your organs has a cooperative function that acts in collaboration with the other. We see them as a whole system- orchestrated by an innate intelligence. Each organ intelligently does its part in the complex job of keeping you alive. Each supports the others. We don’t often think about the fact that they work so cooperatively with so little of our conscious direction.

How do you hone this natural intelligence within the body to ensure its optimum performance? Many studies indicate that relaxation is one of the primary methods of improving the overall functioning of the human body. With relaxation, blood flow to the brain increases and brain waves shift from an alert, beta rhythm to a relaxed, alpha rhythm. Practiced regularly, relaxation techniques can counteract the debilitating effects of stress. Common relaxation techniques include deep abdominal breathing, meditation, listening to calming music, and physical activities such as yoga and Tai chi. When you quiet your mind to listen to your body, intuition and conscious thoughts, the same effect is true.
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Although excessive worrying and high anxiety can cause an imbalance in your body, there are many options you have that can re-establish harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Learn to relax. I know it sounds too easy, but I assure you, there is immense value in this process. Relaxation and meditation decrease hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline in your body, and promotes overall better health.

The medical community is just beginning to recognize the power of intuition. As the spotlight of research turns to this topic, it has become more mainstream to discuss intuitive experiences. Daniel Goldman, author of buy Metoclopramide 10 mg online prescription. Metoclopramide generics. Metoclopramide cheap price at RI online paypal buy now Emotional Intelligence, has performed research which suggests that your intuition can “know” things ahead of your rational mind. In furtherance of this research, Dr. Antonio Dimasio has worked with his own team to identify the part of your brain – the frontal lobe – that specialized in this advanced intuitive decision-making


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