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There was a time in my life when embracing The One Who Knows Purchase Discount Medication! . Free Delivery, Tamoxifen Nolvadex For Sale. seemed like a foreign concept to me. I was in so much pain and so much sorrow. Those who knew me during that period, say that they saw me as a successful woman, friend, and business owner. At the time, however, I felt so lost. I was so composed and dedicated as a professional that I was successful at cleverly masking my own pain – I focused on work and nothing else. Ignoring my emotional deterioration, my inner turmoil nearly drowned me. I felt paralyzed. My own critical judgment of myself replaced my inner voice and took over completely. Every action, reaction, and self imposed torment was fueled by my inability to even recognize who I had become. Joyous living became less and less a priority, because I thought what was the point of living anymore? For a girl who fought for the rights of others as a profession, it was sadly ironic that I had given up my own fight altogether. I abandoned myself just as others had done- and in the process walked away from my values, my vision, and my purpose for being here.

One day, my sorrow and confusion reached an all time desperation and I finally called out in pain and frustration, “How the hell do I get out of this?!” As I lay back out of sheer exhaustion, the most amazing thing happened – I actually heard my inner voice reply. That voice spoke quietly at first, but when it was clear it had my undivided attention, it yelled back. I stopped feeling sorry for myself long enough to listen and take it in.

I had never heard of a near death experience. As a logical, left brain thinker, I spent little to no time focusing on esoteric knowledge or even spirituality. But none of that seemed to matter. Though I physically remained in a laying down position, a part of me seemed to rise above myself. Perhaps I needed to see just what I had let myself become. What was even more unimaginable was – a split second later, from the ceiling, I watched my life flash before my eyes. Not just a memory or two, but rather a fully edited film of my 33 years of life – done in detail, but lasting only a few short seconds. I witnessed and felt, in a heartbeat, every joy, trauma, pain inflected or received – but this is the important part – I did not experience this “review” through my own perspective, but rather through the viewpoint of the person I was interacting with. I realized then that it wasn’t God that was (or would ever be) the one to judge me. Rather, it would be my own heart, my own soul, perceiving my actions through the eyes of God that would review my life as a success or failure. My true self, The One Who Knows within me, from canadian pharmacy – reid my mind would be the one to decide if I accomplished the most important thing I came here to do – to LOVE.

This amazing experience taught me that I could never truly lose who I was. I may cover her up, ignore her, or forget she exists- but she will never and could never leave me. And I owed it to myself to make sure she was the biggest part of my life. The “true me” was buried under my sorrows, and even though I had checked out for awhile, there were still opportunities, in every moment, to live the life that I was born to live. It would take me over three and a half years to find my way back to being a loving, caring and connected person – but every step of the way was an adventure. I realize that not everyone gets a second chance at life; but I am thankful that I did. And I embraced my new life with tears of joy in my eyes.

I found my greatest ally within me. I call it Free Shipping. вћ  from certified pharmacy! metoclopramide for cheap with no prescription pharmacy The One Who Knows. Years later, when I began working with people to connect to that inner knowing, I realized that, while they might call it by different names, many have experienced that small quiet voice of wisdom within. Since that night over twelve years ago, I have been teaching others to access it. What I found from looking within is that life should be about joy, accomplishment, and dreams not only for ourselves – but for others, as well.

Tell me, what do you hear, when you listen to The One Who Knows inside of you?

Submitted: Lisa W

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