Session 9 – Have you Asked for What You Want

  • Communication is the way that we connect to other people.  When you want to connect, it is important to listen (with an open, nonjudgmental heart) share your feelings (with clarity of purpose) and believe that the proper event will unfold. 
  • Directly communicate and “ask” for what you want.  Remember, rejection is a myth, so don’t let fear prevent you from asking for what you need to achieve your goals.
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  • If you get a “no,” you are no worse off than you were before.
  • Ask for what you want as if you expect to get it.  Assume you’ll get a positive response when you’re clear, and specific, and ask the right person.
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  • Never give up asking.  Be persistent.

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You may be asking yourself, “What in the world does listening have to do with achieving my dreams?”  We’re here to tell you – a LOT! Most of us think of listening as hearing what someone else is saying. This lesson is to expand your understanding of what it means to really listen and how it can support you in achieving your dreams. 

Listening is about taking in EVERYTHING around you.  Begin listening for not only the words someone says to you, but what is being said between the lines, the emotional charge or lack of one behind the words,  and the tone or energy in the delivery…the list could go on and on.   Begin paying close attention to EVERYTHING going on inside and outside of your conversations.  Learning effective tools of communication always includes the art listening.

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